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A Potted History


Stockport Morris


Formed in 1984 the team adopted the name of a group who had danced in the town in the 1880's

The history of the original team is virtually unknown with only vague newspaper references, one in October 1885 of them dancing in Northenden wearing light coloured trousers tied with ribbons at the knee, white shirt and straw hats trimmed with ribbons. The music was triangle, fifes and drums. Also in September 1889 they danced at Stockport Wakes dressed in white stockings, knee breeches, white shirts trimmed with ribbons and small caps.

In the 1890 Wakes they appeared in black jockey caps, white shirts, black knee breeches, blue sashes, white stockings and black shoes. The only other reference found is of the 1909 Wilmslow Carnival when Ye Olde Stockport Morris Dancers were programmed in the procession.

The present team are a typical assortment of northern folk - friendly,with a great sense of humour and all with a common interest in keeping their local tradition alive. Originally formed as a mens team, they are now a mixed group of men and women, although it was decided never to change the name.

With a varied repertoire of Northwest dances associated with Pennine mill towns and the Lancashire plain, They have performed at numerous festivals including South Petherton, Whitby, Wimbourne, Rochester, Tenterden, Fleetwood as well as dancing in Heilbron (Germany), Ostend (Belgium), Jersey and many weekends throughout the country with other Morris sides.

The costume today is of traditional design with black breeches/skirt, white shirt,embroidered black waistcoats and caps, red cummerbunds and knee length socks, black patterned clogs,beads and side tankard.

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